Crunch time came when, at six-and-a-half years old, the car’s air-conditioning wheezed to a halt. Andrew’s dealer, Toomey Renault Southend, diagnosed the problem as a seized expansion valve, causing.

TD 1 thermostatic expansion valves, fixed orifice. TD1 / TDE 1 is a thermostatic expansion valve designed to regulate liquid injection into evaporators with smaller capacities in refrigeration, heat pump and air conditioning systems.

 · Unless you’re up on HVAC lingo, the term “thermal expansion valve” may not be one you’ve heard before. As obscure as it may sound, though, it’s a term you should get familiar with if you’re looking for a high-efficiency air conditioner to keep you cool during our hot Houston area summers. A thermal expansion valve is a type of refrigerant metering device.

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Last month’s article, titled “The Symptoms of a Restricted TXV” dealt with the system issues that can. and acid from a refrigeration or air conditioning system. However, filter driers are notorious.

Call several hvac contractors in your area and get the going rate in your area. It might even be worth it to get another contractor to come out and check the diagnoses. TXV valve failure is relatively rare. Around here,NC, i’ve heard of 65 to 85 dollars an hour. It might be more or less in your area Its pretty labor intensive.

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It is now extremely important for the HVAC technician to understand the design and operation of this type of valve. The thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) is a precision device, which is designed to regulate the rate at which liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporator.

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